30th Anniversary

GCC, a global forefront and innovative equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual-tech industry, is celebrating the 30th anniversary in May 2019. 
Looking back at the past 30 years of GCC, since its inception in 1989, GCC has accumulated wide range of R&D experiences, including optical, mechanical, electronic, software, laser applications and color and image processing. From laser engraving machines and digital cutting machines, to the stunning inkjet printers and digital finishing equipment, GCC has a strong emphasis which is placed on R&D with one-third of employees involving in research and owns many key technologies which makes GCC a leader internationally in visual-tech industry.
GCC has always committed itself to transforming product-oriented into customer-oriented by innovation with a human touch. Although there are many challenges to be overcome in this process, we have a very strong belief, because we know that providing solutions to meet customer’s needs is the primary task. After many years of hard work, in addition to maintaining the existing scale in R&D, marketing, and manufacturing, we sense the need to expand our business horizon, enhance the brand, and enter a new era of value creations.

Now that GCC has subsidiaries in KunShan of China, Los Angeles in the USA and the Netherlands in Europe, as well as hundreds of distributors worldwide, that had made GCC brand well-known globally. Thanks to every GCC staff member, and thanks to every customer and partner! This is the achievement of a joint effort and cooperation among us.
The cultivation of business sustainability is the foundation of corporate management. Therefore, GCC expects not only to become a world famous brand in the market, but also to bring new lives and influences to create a better future. Let us stride forward to another stage and achieve a brighter world.