GCC products can be used for a wide range of applications. Combine your unlimited creativity & imagination with our products and make them real. Please select your interested applicable industry and product line and click on the search to find the range.
Hot Foil Stamping Application
This time, the GCC JF-240UV Showcase in the hot foil stamping application works together with JF-240 and the ink overlay technique is introduced by overlaying primer coat on the hot foil stamping before applying finishing color. This technique is applicab
Create a UID Mark by Laser Engraver / Marker
The technology used to mark an item is 2D Data Matrix ECC 200 Symbol. UID marking can be used to ensure data integrity and data quality throughout an item's lifecycle; it also supports multi-faceted business applications.
GCC LaserPro E200 Application
E200 is GCC late LaserPro professional-grade laser engraving machine, containing advanced functions with user-friendly design and excellent artwork presented.
Smart Phone Screen Protector Films
The i-Craft cutting techniques allow for precision cutting from various angles and give you the best available protection for your smart phone, while adding a little bit of fun in manual application of the film.
Creasing and Cutting for Package Application
GCC RX II-CR is equipped with a tool holder loading the creasing tools and blades. For the applications, the cards and showcases can be simultaneously creased and cut in one time.
GCC DecalExpress Showcase - 3M Carbon-Black Reflective
GCC Decal Express-ECO is perfect for the use of 3M Carbon-Black Reflective material with laser cutting, allowing for fast cutting along complicated edges.
Fiber Laser on Plastic Materials
GCC LaserPro application laboratory uses fiber product line (S400, GLS Hybrid, S290, and StellarMark I series) to demonstrate processing of fiber laser on plastic materials for you.
Gold Foil Sign Application
the GCC JF-240UV digital printer integrates the foil sleeking application, which produces color printing first, then applies the ink overlap technique to print primer on designated areas and finally add foil sleeking to perfectly create high added value.
SISER Brick 1000 Material Personalized T-Shirt Application
GCC Decal Express-ECO is perfect for Siser Brick matt with laser cutting systems. Due to the material thickness, the existing traditional cutting machines cannot produce a good quality cutting edge on Siser Brick matt.
Application of Foil Sleeking by JV-240UV
The sample with the use of Varnish + Primer ink and the processing of hot stamping machine shows the possibility of fulfilling the small-amount and high-diversity demand.
Package Application of AFR-24S
Its versatility and customization capability is definitely your best choose in the product package and paper craft.
Decal Express-ECO T-shirt Application
GCC Decal Express-ECO is very suitable in using PU material to match laser cutting, enabling you to complete complex edge cutting with speedy and multiple parameter setting, etc.
JV-240UV Spot Varnish Application
The UV coating produced by GCC JV-240UV turns each of your printed product become a masterpiece.
Application of DecalExpress Delicate Burlap Bag
PU film processed by DecalExpress can be applied to customization products such as linen bags, sweatshirts, hats, pillows, and backpacks. It not only increases the richness of its application but also adds value to the products.
Bridge Cutting Application by Digital Finishing Equipment
the complex contour cutting; it cuts in a swift speed. When it comes to manufacturing small amounts of card papers, wrapping papers, and paper goods, there is no need for you to consider the cost of the knife model.
Multi-layer Printing Application
The conventional way of producing replica paintings is a tedious process through the hand of a highly skillful artist to ensure the value of the work.
EZRotary - Stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle
The EZRotary attachment has the ability to handle 360 degrees printing on curved surfaces of vacuum insulated bottles, mugs, conical containers and many more.
Replica Painting Application
On top of supreme efficiency, one will also be offered a piece that presents the surface gloss and overall impression he or she expects as graphic design software programs are perfect at simulating the brush strokes and effects of the original work.
Membrane Switch Panel Application
The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month brings you the application of membrane switch panels.
Laser Metal Cutting Effective Accessories Application
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab presents you fine quality earrings created with GCC LaserPro FMC 280 through the assistance of the Thin Metal Film Clamping Device.
PVC Card Applications
The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month is glad to introduce to you the application of PVC cards.
ADA Signs Application
GCC JF-240UV’s ink layering technology increases the versatility of ADA signs and shows the subtleness of products, presenting the design and style of the perfect combination of Braille signs and colors.
ADA Signs Application
ADA signs built through ink layering technology are signs with “raised” printing effect that have come into common use in signs, elevators and many more, benefiting individuals who are blind and visually impaired, ensuring their safety and security.
GCC LaserPro FMC 280 Fiber Laser system works on stainless steel pipes
With a few simple steps including fixing the pipe on the rotary clamping axis, you can cut or create holes on the pipe without further hassles.
Desktop Roll Media Support System Installation
With the brilliant innovation of the Desktop Roll Media Support System, i-Craft is now able to work on roll media.
Laser cuts molded engineering parts
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab of the month reveals how FMC 280 creates additional holes on processed items. Watch FMC 280 waves its magic wand now!
Eiffel Tower by GCC Portable Cutting Plotter
Eiffel Tower using kraft paper. The amazing repetitive cutting performance i-Craft™ delivers is fully exhibited in this application. Simply assemble the cut thick kraft paper pieces into the Eiffel Tower and you will instantly be immersed in a charming ex
Super Mario Paper Figures
This straightforward solution is perfect for you to cut geometric shapes, texts, images, numbers and other items, making it the best partner for handcrafters, creative arts club users and designers.
Create embossed printing on your mug
Transferable decal paper is perfect for decorating items such as mugs, ceramic plates and cups, mobile phone cases and for miniature repair to enhance product uniqueness and personal characteristics.
Application of Engraving Tip with Stainless Steel
With the right setting in SCA and the engraving tip, i-Craft™ allows users to freely edit, create and design images, presenting supreme-quality stainless steel tags.
DIY Decorative Lights by GCC i-Craft™
Through forming the inner layers of the cut paper material into geometric shapes and assembling the shapes into a ball, you can create an edgy and elegant lighting product.
Nonwoven fabric photo frame by laser engraving and cutting
Nonwoven fabric is a fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment.
i-Craft™ works seamlessly with cardstock
Involving heavy cardstock cutting, layering, folding and assembling techniques, this application processes flat paper materials and transforms them into 3D products.
3D paper flower pots
3D paper flower pots creation involves DIY creative concepts, and heavy cardstock cutting, layering, folding and assembling processes. As supreme items for art galleries, DIY workshops and as decorations, these hand-made craft products add fun.
Hair Accessories Application
i -Craft cuts floral fabrics into desired shapes and sizes. Attaching the interfaces of items with floral prints to another object, you can create custom accessories like ribbon hair clips and banana clips.
Use Smartphone to Copy Images on i-Craft
i-Craft™ Application Lab will demonstrate how to use smart phone to copy images on i-Craft™
Dazzling Rhinestone T-shirts
It's fashionable and appealing to apply rhinestones to apparel, and such an application has become an indispensable trend.
EPE Cutting
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab characterizes another packaging project by using EPE (Expanded Polyethylene), a material with exceptional elasticity and impact strength that is widely used in protective packaging.
Clip Cutting with IF 20SHS
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab of the month creates delicate and durable metal paper clips through cutting copper and silver pieces on StellarMark I-Series using fiber laser.
Save Image for "SVG" File
Images created or edited in Illustrator or Corel draw before saved as SVG files can also be used in Sure Cuts A lot.
Insert an SD Card and Cut a Creation Out
With the amazing i-Craft™ and a SD card, you can cut around and create personalized samples without your heavy lap-top!
GCC LaserPro-Double Color Sticker Application
Engraving is the most common technique of laser processing. To ensure high engraving quality, a remarkable color contrast must be presented after the material is engraved.
i-Craft works on PP Synthetic Paper and Art Paper like a charm!
Making your own paper pinwheels is lots of fun.
Tailor Made Hand Fans
Custom hand fans are popular items for social movements, product launch ceremonies, education recruitment fairs, concerts and other events or simply as giveaways.
Exclusive Hang Tags
Hang tags/book marks: with designs of your own, you can demonstrate your personality and tell your story through works of all types.
Customized Heat Transfer Products
These creations will become lip-biting tank tops, hats, pillows, backpacks and other custom items!
Magnetic Sheet Application
With GCC i-Craft™’s powerful Sure Cuts A Lot software, users can edit event &holiday cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards through Trace Image, Shapes Library and Rhinestone…etc.
Delicate Gift Boxs
Homemade gift box application: Through i-Craft™, you can move your idea forward. Creative custom gift boxes for sweets, biscuits and desserts can be made appealing and easy on the eyes with i-Craft™.
Custom Card Creation
With GCC i-Craft™’s powerful Sure Cuts A Lot software, users can edit event &holiday cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards through Trace Image, Shapes Library and Rhinestone…etc.
GCC-Varnish Mode Application (Watermark)
Dozens of GCC Varnish types (watermarks) are on hand for you to choose from. You can also save images of your own creation to the folder to capture attention and attack counterfeits by producing vibrant printed displays and images.
Photo Engraving with Dithering Pattern
The effect of engraving dithering patterns by engraving several patterns on acrylic sheets to reveal image effects of different pattern types.
Wall Paper Printing and Cutting
Superior cutting performance, wallpapers can even be transformed into wall stickers by using contour cutting function, bringing rich colors to our everyday life, making our environment visually pleasing.
Magnet Printing and Cutting
Magnets, widely used in ads and the marketing business, are perfect for regular product updates and requests to effectively promote and market products.
Packaging cutting
GCC LaserPro Laser Engravers perform efficient cutting and create folding lines with its exclusive bridge cutting function that comes with the driver, you can swiftly create any inner packages to accommodate any need of your customers.
Window Graphics application – One Way Vision Film
The most common applications of one way vision film on the market are vehicle windows such as bus windows and building windows such as department store window displays for marketing and masking purposes.
Twill Cutting with X-Series
GCC LaserPro Application Lab will demonstrate the applications of multi-layer appliqué of Twill. You can first laminate the layers of Twill together, and use the professional GCC LaserProX-Series for cutting.
Billboards, pop-up stands
The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month shows you that with GCC certified ink cartridges and materials, users are able to print directly on PVC foam boards using printer.
GCC LaserPro-Customized Food Decoration with Laser Engraving
In the past, GCC LaserPro Application Laboratory has shown you a series of food processing applications. Examples like cookie engraving and the fruit serial number marking etc., these techniques have been successively and widely applied in the food indust
Drink bottle and wine bottle labels
GCC Inkjet Application Lab has specially prepared an Print and Cut applications of Labels for drinks or wine bottles.
Billboards, pop-up stands
Currently UV curable inkjet printers are the only choice in the market that requires no further processes after PVC foam board painting is complete.
Vending Machines
GCC Inkjet Application Lab tests on electrostatic films, which are reusable and can be applied to glass and fridge surfaces, department store windows and the advertisements or decorations on convenient store automatic doors.
Embossing seal with laser engraving
GCC LaserPro laser engravers ensure precise and stable power output, producing neat imprint surfaces that allow compact sealing, making every stamp a perfect one!
Customized Heat-transferred items
Through delicate craft, visual aesthetic concepts are presented and creative values are boosted to meet customized design and style requirements.
Removable Advertising Signboards
Through GCC JC-240E, you can perform regular and customized product updates on different materials (iron-coated printable sheets).
Guitar Fretboard Laser Engraving
Laser is one of the technologies often used by manufacturers to engrave all kinds of graphics and words onto guitars making them more adorable and personalized for each guitar owner.
Metal Engraving with LaserInk
All you need is evenly spread or spray LaserInk, a coating specially designed for metals, on metallic materials prior to your processing procedure with CO2 Laser when the coating turns dry. Tempted by such simple steps?
Drill marking
Wanna enhance throughput when marking on metals? Using the marker of Galvo system is the most efficient way of metal machining.
Customized Tambourine Engraving
GCC LaserPro Application lab will introduce leather tambourine engraving through GCC LaserPro stable laser output. GCC LaserPro machine is capable of engraving a variety of patterns and characters on 0.3 mm thickness leather to create a unique music instr
Engraving Product Label
Product labels are often printed in the form of stickers or printed on information plates. Printed stickers are relatively low cost options however stickers are removable and can be damaged easily.
Pop-Up Restaurant Menu
The GCC Application Lab of the month presents you the pop-up restaurant menu. With brilliant designs and the help of GCC Cutting Plotter, you can bring great ideas to life!
Personalized Clock Application with CCD device
GCC LaserPro Application Lab uses the CCD device to make a personalized clock.
Personalized Clock Application with CCD device
GCC LaserPro Application Lab uses the CCD device to make a personalized clock. All you need to do is to press a button, and the CCD device gets the things done.
Mobile Phone Decoration with 3D PVC Films
GCC Cutting Plotters work perfectly on PVC film cutting. Taking a large share of the mobile phone decoration market, mobile phone case painting and gemstone ornaments are both time consuming handcrafts.
Men's Accessories
Many luxury brands choose metal as one of the key elements for men’s accessories to bring out the masculinity. Some of them offer customized service to add personal touch and individuality by adding your desired words or patterns, adding personality and e
Rhinestone Application through StoneCut
The total solution GCC provides- Rhinestone Transfer System including StoneCut software from DAS and a professional cutting plotter from GCC helps you to swiftly create Rhinestone templates.
Book Cover
Making a paper book cover with its define GCC LaserPro engraving technique. Let's follow GCC LaserPro Application Lab to make your own book cover!
Reflective Film Traffic Sign Creation through GCC Cutting Plotters
Reflective Film Traffic Signs
Metal Bookmarks
Simply working with nitrogen or oxygen, S290-200W can cut metals just as easy as average materials.
Tailored Christmas Decorations
GCC Cutting Plotters are the best helper for Christmas decorations, creating personalized and creative items to make your season's greetings count (also perfect for paper cutting applications)!
Christmas Decoration
You can spray more colorful and vibrant patterns on the window by using these spraying plates. Let's follow GCC LaserPro Application Lab to decorate your window!
Door Sign
GCC LaserPro Application Lab is introducing you a special kind of door sign by using MDF along with our laser engraving function, adding more vibrant color and personality.
Customized Gift Bags
Through GCC Cutting Plotters, users are able to create templates for package bags, making a wide variety of personalized items and other creations in a small quantity and save a great amount of stencil cost.
Create a fashion T-shirt
Using our laser engraving and cutting systems, you can create a hollow carved suede skirt or print the patterns on the clothes by using heat transfer.
Create 3D Objects with Autodesk 123D Make
LaserPro Application Lab is showing you how to make a 3D object by using our laser engraver and 123D Make.
Inlay Necklace
By using the accurate energy control to cut two different kinds of materials, our laser engraver creating inlay effect combines two materials into one to add a name necklace extra personal touch.
Laser Cutting Stencil
GCC LaserPro Application Lab is using paper board to cut all kinds of patterns to make a stencil, making desired patterns o your cup of coffee or waffle.
Weeding Tool - Segmental Cutting
The Weeding tool allows users to divide objects into small segments to enable an efficient weeding process.
Cutting PET with 9.3μ CO2 Laser
Which the used 9.3μ laser is slightly different with the common 10.6μ laser. Besides the engraving and cutting application, it has better performance in application of cutting plastic materials.
Logo Contour Creation and Multiple Copies Applications for Labels
Through the most efficient registration mark settings and perfect parameter combinations, GCC Cutting Plotters help you create versatile and diversified labels.
Creating Personalized Wall Stickers
GCC cutting plotters help you to design and decorate your house and living space through personalized wall stickers swiftly and creatively.
Roll to Roll Auto Feeder Function
Being Compatible with our Roll to Roll AutoFeeder function to achieve excellent engraving performance, our Bridge Cutting function is designed to make the engraved sample easy to store to avoid damage by dropping on the working table.
Colored Gift Boxes
GCC Cutting plotters are perfect helpers of gift boxes production, creating various lines and sides using the most suitable parameters through the most remarkable cutting speed.
LaserPro 3D Engraving
LaserPro drivers recognize 256 different levels of gray tone and signal the laser to increase or decrease the power.
Notebook engraving
With our advanced laser engraving techniques on its leather cover, your notebook adds a personal touch with special engraved patterns.
Multiple Layer Flex Heat Transferring with GCC Cutting Plotters
This application shows you how to heat-transfer a cut pattern with multiple layers of flex to a T-shirt. A GCC Cutting Plotter, a Heat Press Machine and some Flex is all you need to complete a customized T-shirt full of fun and creativity.
iPhone Case Engraving
GCC Application Lab is showing you iPhone case engraving. Engraved beautiful patterns by our laser engraver, your iPhone adds a personal touch and style.
Printable Flex Heat Transferring with GCC Cutting Plotters
Flex is excellent for textile heat transferring as it is highly flexible and tender with exceptional elongation and perfectly adhests to the textile with cracking-free capability. This film shows you how to heat-transfer an image on Flex to a T-shirt.
Big Model
Acrylic is one of the materials commonly used in laser cutting; the edges of laser-cut acrylic become transparent and bright. So the laser-cut acrylic is often used to make displays and store signs, creating high quality products.
Night light Engraving
The engraving function helps you engrave all kinds of patterns on acrylic; the cutting function can make the edges of acrylic more transparent, achieving better LED lighting performance.
Creating Personalized Stickers Using GCC Cutting Plotters
This feature applies to different applications such as stickers and prototype of boxes, perfect for business owners who would like to provide customized and unique products.
Placemats Engraving
With laser’s prerogative, unique patterns can be easily engraved onto unique fabrics, making one of a kind placemats for customers.
Easter Holiday Gift
First, spray-paint over the eggshell, then use the GCC LaserPro laser engraver coupled with the rotary attachment to engrave an exquisite pattern onto the eggshell, making it the most special souvenir item in the store.
Cutting soft magnetic materials with a GCC cutting plotter
By using the GCC RX and Jaguar IV series cutting plotters and the add-on flat table, users can effortlessly adopt magnet cutting applications.
Leather Cutting
Leather is an indispensable material to the clothing industry.Due to the progress in technology, more and more leather manufactures use laser engraving equipment for engraving and cutting during the production process, enabling products to have a refreshi
Thin Film Cutting Using CO2 Laser
These films are mostly made of plastics such as PET and PMMA and are widely used in cell phones, displays, cameras, digital cameras, and other electronics.
Festive Christmas Themed Application for Holiday Décor
GCC Application Lab has used inexpensive nonwoven fabric for the top of the coaster and boosted the cutting effect by using its specially developed air nozzles for cutting the fabric.
Bedazzle Your Trophy
LaserPro Application Lab recently introduced a laser application for cutting out customized rhinestone stencils on cardboard paper. This method can be used to easily align rhinestones on designer pants for various fashionable textures and effects.
Ring Engraving Using Rotary Attachment
Equipped with YVO4 and Fiber laser, the GCC LaserPro S290 10W and 20W present remarkable output performance on plastic or metallic materials.
Personalize Your Phone
The manufacturers of mobile phone constantly launch new products with not just advanced functions and specifications, but also with various external designs and to satisfy the preference of different customers.
Wood engraving with SmartCENTER function
Just press the positioning bottom, then the SmartCenter will automatically find the center of the object just in a blink, and start the engraving right away.
Using Advanced Shoulder Level to Create your Own Stamp
Stamp engraving is a very common application of laser. Laser is utilized to engrave soft rubber to produce fine words and figures. After cleaning the engraved rubber, adhere it to a handle and then a unique product is produced.
Make Your Personalized Rhinestone Design
Rhinestone is one of the materials resembling diamonds, which is extensively used in fashion industry. It is used to compose different patterns and adhere to clothes, caps, and handbags to increase the value of commercial products.
Carousel Model Application
Using laser to make models is quite a general application. Simply laser-cut pieces of thin materials and then assemble them as a 3D model which is good to be either a demo sample or a gift.
Cutting Door Hanger
Today, in such a creative era, many people love to produce different styles of door hangers for customers' selection.
Mark Your Logo on Tennis
We have prepared one tennis ball for demonstration.Thanks to Laser's high precision in controlling ability and the rotary attachment device, we can have the tennis ball engraved with delicate characters and logo for a unique image.
Specialty Carpet Design
The carpet is one of the most frequently used elements in interior decoration such as residences, shopping malls and office, offering artistry and warmth. Various carpet styles create different atmospheres in different occasions.
Interior Art Design
LaserPro’s unique Pass-Through Front/Rear Doors design allows users to engrave oversized or long size objects, increasing the flexibility and convenience of your job.
Wood Inlay
Wood is widely applied in industries like decoration, furniture and giftware; it can also be found very frequently in laser-processing applications, whether laser engraving or cutting, presenting excellent results.
Candy Box Laser Cutting
Using laser to render paper packaging prototypes entails the advantages that moulds are no longer required, and any modification can be made at once; furthermore, you can also fabricate folded-line and cut-out effects.