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Reflective Film Traffic Sign Creation through GCC Cutting Plotters
Reflective Film Traffic Signs

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is able to satisfy a wide range of cutting needs including those with thick materials. Example like the 3M diamond reflective film, it can also be cut perfectly.

Reflective films are extensively used in traffic sign applications. As they are typically harder than other films, an excellent cutting ability is required to complete the job. GCC cutting plotters' superlative cutting characteristic can be applied to both thin and thick materials, and used to create high cutting quality products effortlessly and effectively.

GCC cutting plotter performs brilliantly on reflective film.


Go to "Print" under "File" and select "Properties" in the printing page.

Go to the Layout page and select Bottom left corner at “Reposition images to” before outputting the object to GCC Cutting Plotter

Road sign applications through GCC Cutting Plotters are completed.